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Solo Stove Bonfire + Stand 2.0 - Mancave Backyard

Solo Stove Bonfire + Stand 2.0

$469.99 USD$279.99 USD
Before Bonfire, we used to collect logs, kindle the fire, hope it didn’t flame out, and let it burn for 10 hours. Is there a better way? Congrats, you’ve discovered...
Solo Stove Yukon + Stand 2.0 - Mancave Backyard

Solo Stove Yukon + Stand 2.0

$849.99 USD$504.99 USD
Awesome. There is no other word to describe it. Yukon allows you to make the biggest, baddest flame out there. Now, enjoy entertaining family and friends with a mesmerizing flame....
Solo Stove Ranger + Stand 2.0 - Mancave Backyard

Solo Stove Ranger + Stand 2.0

$349.99 USD$229.99 USD
At the campsite, the beach, or the open road, it’s not the same without a fire. Get wherever you want to be and bask in the glow of a roaring...
Solo Stove Lite - Mancave Backyard

Solo Stove Lite

$89.99 USD$69.99 USD
The Solo Stove story began with this little stove. Two brothers wanted to create an ultralight camp stove that could boil water in under 10 minutes using sticks and twigs...
Solo Stove Campfire - Mancave Backyard

Solo Stove Campfire

$149.99 USD$139.99 USD
Before Campfire, it was granola bars and prepackaged snacks. Prepare for a camping menu upgrade. Roast s’mores and hot dogs or even make hearty chili. This efficient stove will satisfy...
Fire Pit Art Fire Pit FIre Pit  Art Bella Vita 34"

FIre Pit Art Bella Vita 34"

From $2,548.20 USD
Introducing the Bella Vita 34" Fire Pit Art - where outdoor living meets artistic elegance. Ignite your passion for the good life as you gather your loved ones around this...
Fire Pit Art Fire Pit Fire Pit Art Bella Vita 58.5"

Fire Pit Art Bella Vita 58.5"

From $3,980.00 USD
Introducing the Fire Pit Art Bella Vita 58.5" - the epitome of luxury and elegance for your outdoor space. Gather 'round and let the Bella Vita Fire Pit Art ignite...
Fire Pit Art Fire Pit Fire Pit Art Bella Vita 46"

Fire Pit Art Bella Vita 46"

From $3,276.00 USD
Introducing the Fire Pit Art Bella Vita 46" - a majestic masterpiece that will transform your outdoor space into a haven of warmth and beauty. Ignite your passion for the...
Fire Pit Art Fire Pit Fire Pit Art Bella Vita 70"

Fire Pit Art Bella Vita 70"

From $5,300.00 USD
Introducing the Fire Pit Art Bella Vita 70" - the ultimate statement piece for your outdoor oasis. Get ready to elevate your gatherings and create unforgettable memories with this luxurious...
Fire Pit Art Fire Pit Fire Pit Art Fire Surfer Fire Pit

Fire Pit Art Fire Surfer Fire Pit

From $2,100.00 USD
Introducing the mesmerizing Fire Pit Art Fire Surfer Fire Pit, where the enchanting dance of flames meets the captivating beauty of art. Inspired by the graceful curves of rolling waves,...

Outdoor Fire Pits

Fire Pit Art - Corten Steel Fire Pits

Masters of the outdoors know that a raging fire adds ambiance and beauty to accent the scenery. Whether in your own backyard or in the wild, outdoor fire pits offer a beautiful flame that is guaranteed to fight off chills during late-night gatherings. 

Here at Mancave Backyard, our fire pits do so much more than just look pretty. From smokeless fire pits to breathtaking fire pit art, we've got a flame that'll hit every price point. Are you looking for budget camping gear? Perhaps some elaborate artisanal backyard decor? Whatever you need, we can help you find!

Consider Smokeless Fire Pits

Most of your memories about chilly nights huddled around a fire probably involve you trying to dodge smoke before you become a teary-eyed mess. Have no fear, our Solo Stove Fire Pit is here. Our Solo Stove Ranger for instance works great at the campsite, beach, or in your own backyard. The best part is it's still smokeless. Cuddle up close on those cold nights without smelling like you've rolled around in charcoal after. This fire pit's radiant heat will keep you toasty.

Leave No Trace

Seasoned outdoorsmen know that to keep our natural camping spaces clean and pollution free, you've got to leave no trace when you're leaving. When you're building a fire pit outdoors, you'll have to dig around to make a fire pit. You'd build up rocks and scorch the underside, and then when you'd want to leave, you'd have to make sure you'd disperse all the materials you just used. 

Our outdoor fire pits make sure that there's no trace left behind, especially with our Solo Stove fire pits. Many of our Solo Stoves have accessories like the stand or the Solo Stove Grill Ultimate Bundle that keep your campground and backyard clear.

Easy Light-Up

While some gas fire stoves can be rough to light, the Solo Stove does not have that problem. If your materials are even remotely dry, you'll have a roaring fire soon enough. The quality of our stoves means they are going to hold up in all types of travel or as a centerpiece of your backyard. While our Solo Stove line is fed off of wood, our Fire Pit Art outdoor fire pits are liquid propane and natural gas burning, aiming to be the centerpiece of your backyard with elegant designs like our Fire Pit Art Antlers

Shield Your Deck

The Solo Stove 2.0 stands set them apart from the competition with minimal heat transfer to the deck below. The Bonfire Backyard Bundle includes the must-have stand that protects the surface underneath, allowing a great smokeless fire. 

The airflow design circulates through double walls of the firepit, with the air from the fire superheating the air creating secondary combustion. Since the stand allows cool air to pass through the vent, there's no worry of damaging heat-sensitive surfaces. The Shield accessories for our Solo Stove smokeless fire pits help alleviate the worry about sparks and embers popping out.

Be the outdoorsman you've dreamed of. Leave no trace. For those long nights at home, make your backyard a sanctuary with a Solo Stove fire pit.