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Mancave Backyard

The best memories are made in the backyard at all times of the year. Whether it’s a golden retriever in a kiddy pool or your kids making snow angels in huge white drifts, those snapshot moments are framed by your backyard.

Here at Mancave Backyard, we believe those moments are what build a family. We’re a family-owned and operated business that knows how important those memories are. From roasting marshmallows over fire pits to warming up on the deck with our deck heaters, your backyard will become an all-season extension of your home. You own it, so why not make it your Mancave year-round?

Memories Over a Roasting Fire

Whether you’re looking for something on-the-go for those camping trips or a centerpiece of your backyard, our fire pits have it all. Get grilling on our popular models to get that smokey, delicious taste of grilled kebabs, or enjoy a late fall evening at a campground with a bonfire. With how easily our fire pits like the Solo Stove light up, you won’t spend forever trying to light up tinder. Many of our models even double as BBQ grills for the outdoor cook to fall in love with.

Our most popular model, the Solo Stove Bonfire, is light enough to take with you camping or feature in your backyard. Solo Stove’s innovative technology causes the second combustion effect, efficiently burning the wood. This leads to smokeless fire pits where you can see the bright flame better than ever!

Protect Your Patio

Whether snow, rain, or wind, we’ve got your furniture covered. Our outdoor protective covers keep your furniture looking new for longer. No need to spend hours in the fall sweeping up leaves off of your furniture. Instead, use the Covermates protective covers to make all that cleanup easy.

The durable material is wind resistant and protects against snow and rainfall. Make your backyard investments last longer with our BBQ grill covers as well. After all, your grill is like your kid, except that it cooks food for you!

Outdoor Heaters Open Up Your Home

Why should you ignore your outdoor spaces just when it’s cold? With our Bromic outdoor heaters, you can open up your porch or deck any time of the year. We have models that are portable and others that can be installed conveniently to keep your porch warm! Enjoy winter without losing your beloved deck space, and pairing our portable Bromic outdoor heaters with a fire pit makes for a toasty outdoor celebration.

Quality Memories and Quality Products

With our premium selection of smokeless fire pits, BBQ grills, and outdoor heaters, Mancave Backyard is here to create your dream backyard. Make the years slow down a little with memories built around a fire pit or over a grill, enjoying nature. A majority of our products come with free shipping over $100, and we love to hear questions from our loyal customers. Contact us with your comments and suggestions. Here at Mancave Backyard, we want to work with you and make your backyard transformation as easy as it can be.