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Solo Stove Lite

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The Solo Stove story began with this little stove. Two brothers wanted to create an ultralight camp stove that could boil water in under 10 minutes using sticks and twigs as fuel.

The result: the Solo Stove Lite. Our Signature 360° Airflow Design™ lets you hit the trail, enjoy a hot meal, and keep moving.

Join thousands of others enjoying its powerful, efficient burn. See how it works below.

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The original super-efficient, ultralight Solo Stove.

Solo Stove Lite is for those who are ready to roam, get a quick pot of water boiling, and get back on the trail. Weighing less than a pound, Lite is the perfect ultra-light camp stove to keep your pack light and ready to go without having to bring along fuel.

Lite lets you enjoy an efficient flame using nothing more than sticks and twigs you find along the trail. Our Signature 360° Airflow Design™ draws in air through the lower vent holes which heats up inside Lite’s double-wall construction. The heated air ignites after leaving the upper vent holes, creating a spectacular secondary burn. That means a hotter fire with less smoke!

“Lite has become one of my most essential pieces of equipment whether I’m fishing down by the river and want a hot cup of tea or on a long trek in the wilderness. Lite is as essential to me as my tent, sleeping bag, backpack, and knife.” — Russ

Every Solo Stove product is backed by our lifetime warranty.

Product Specs
304 Stainless Steel
Sticks, Twigs, Pine Cones, and Other Biomass
9 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gabriel B.
Sweet little stove

The stove works wonderfully and the quality is excellent. No smoke, great heat, and best of all, no gas! This little stove will be a must in pack for all my mountain trips here in Alaska.

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Joe M.
Perfect addition to my moto camping kit

nice small size, perfect fuel. Light!!
Easily packed and works well.

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Ronald W.
Excellent Bonfire solo stove

Since my recent Bonfire purchase, I have only tried it once because of rains. I carefully built a tinder stack on top of hardwood and added a few pieces of 2x4. It started with one match and was a fierce smokeless fire in a very short time. I quickly learned to control the flames to a visually perfect height. Can't wait for the rains to stop and tRead more about review stating Excellent Bonfire solo stoveo try the color pack.

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Heather H.
Great for s’mores!

My husband won’t sit outside long enough for a wood burning fire, but I wanted something to make s’mores and something portable for camping. Great size and easy to use! We used it on our outdoor table with a block underneath. It cools quickly so you can clean up and put it away shortly after using it. Love it!

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Rhoda J.

I am amazed at how hot this little stove gets. Using a cottonball/vaseline starter and a handful of twigs from fallen branches in my yard I was able to have water boiling in under 10 minutes. Plus it kicks out enough heat to warm my hands and feet. Watching the afterburner effect on such a tiny little stove was super cool. LOVE IT

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