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Solo Stove Grill Ultimate Bundle

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Grill masters have been stuck behind grills adjusting temperatures, and messing with knobs for too long.

Imagine getting the whole family cooking together. It’s a no-hassle approach to charcoal grilling that makes everyone a master.

Our Signature 360° Airflow Design™ lets you go from box to burger in 30 minutes. See how below.

What’s Included
  • Solo Stove Grill — No-hassle charcoal grilling
  • Grill Short Stand — 13” portable grill stand
  • Grill Tools — Hefty spatula, tongs, and meat fork
  • Grill Shelter — Protects Grill from the elements
  • Grill Carry Case — Bring Grill along for the ride
  • Grill Pack — All Natural Charcoal briquettes (4lbs)*
  • Starters (4ct) — A surefire start to the perfect flame*

Grill Pack and Starters will show separately in cart.

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Grilling is better, together

Nothing brings people together like fire and food. Too often, grilling for an outdoor gathering becomes the work of one grill master who spends the majority of their time at the grill and away from the group.

Grilling, Reinvented goes beyond just what’s under the lid. Place Solo Stove Grill in the center of the action, and turn your outdoor cookouts into fun, interactive grilling experiences the whole family can enjoy.

airflow gif

Our Signature 360° Airflow Design

Creates a convective heating environment that you don’t have to mess with. Just add charcoal, light it, and it naturally lets the air flow through to create the perfect cooking conditions.

Box to Burger in 30 minutes

  1. Set Up (takes just 5 minutes, 6 bolts)
  2. Heat Up (charcoal ready in 10 - 15 minutes)
  3. Eat Up (the same charcoal lasts up to 45 minutes)

whats inside the grill image dark

Simple by Design.

Easily removable ash pan, charcoal grate, and cooking grate make it easy to light AND clean every part of the grill.

Less wait. Less mess. More time to do what you love.

  • No Messing with Airflow Controls
  • No adding charcoal later
  • No need to touch the charcoal

Grill Pack

We made it easy to enjoy the perfect cooking fire in your Solo Stove Grill. Our All Natural charcoal briquettes are made with vegetable starch, no fillers or chemicals, for a clean burn.

Each Grill Pack fuels one complete grilling session (around 45 minutes).

Grill Tools

The heavy-duty spatula, tongs, and meat fork are made with 304 stainless steel and have been thoughtfully designed to solve common grilling problems. (Yes, the tongs actually pick up your steak.)


Starting a fire in your Solo Stove Grill has never been easier or faster. Starters get you straight to enjoying cooking up some delicious burgers, brats, and more. Just place 3-4 Starters around the briquettes from one Grill Pack and light.

Starters are made of 100% recycled hardwood and are non-toxic, pet safe, and water-resistant.

Product Specs
MATERIALS: 304 Stainless Steel, cold-rolled steel
FUEL: Charcoal briquettes or lump kiln-dried chunk wood
WEIGHT: 38.5lbs | 17.5kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Joel K.
Great little grill

I’ve been able to use it several times now and love it. It cooks hot so you have to pay attention but I will be using it all the time. It is a little pricey but seems to be worth it I’m sure it will last a long time.

Originally posted on

Carrie S.
Love it!!!

It's huge and it is so easy to use! I haven't used a charcoal bbq in 20yrs and that was old fashioned with briquettes and lighter fluid - uugh. Got tired of my propane grills rusting out every couple years and being a fan of solo stove since the beginning, I had to have one. Finally sparked it up this week after letring it sit outside in snow on sRead more about review stating Love it!!!tand with cover all winter - no rust, cover never blew off even in blizzards and noreasters. It grilled perfectly and I am an average propane griller... I felt like a pro with first use! Used royal oak chunk charcoal.... The chicken and steaks tasted amazing!!! (Check out pics - 4 large chicken breasts and 2 large ribeyes with plenty of room for more!!!). Amazing!

Originally posted on

Linda C.
So good! Totally worth it!

I am the worst at grilling so I bought this grill since it is supposed to be fool proof. I have failed at lighting up my normal grill on various occasions but the solo stove grill was a breeze to light- it was ready to go in 25 minutes and was HOT! I love that you can lift up the grate and move coals to your liking and it is possible to make hotteRead more about review stating So good! Totally worth it!r/cooler zones with this grill. I am super excited to get more use out of it!

Originally posted on

Eva C.
Awesome grill

This is probably the best charcoal grill on the market due to the following
1) size - small enough to make it portable for camping and big enough to host a party
2) easy to start fire and the grill gets super hot quickly
3) super easy to clean - tip for you all: if you are a neat freak like me, you can wrap the grill surroundings with Read more about review stating Awesome grillaluminum foil. You can reuse the wrapping for at least a few times before changing it. Once everything is nicely wrapped up, the only thing you need to clean is the grates. Just use cleaning chemicals to scrape off the burnt stuff then run it under dishwasher to ensure all chemicals are removed. Then your grates will look sparkling clean even after a bbq!

One concern maybe the height cuz it’s quite low like a camp fire. If you stand and cook the grill is at your hip level (I’m 5’2”). You probably need to sit down and cook. It works perfectly for me cuz I actually want do Hong Kong style bbq. If height is a concern for you then you probably need to get a taller stand

Originally posted on

Laura P.
Solo Grill

I was so excited to get my Solo Grill just before my camping trip. I absolutely love it! Very portable and has plenty of room for grilling food. Highly recommend.

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