Solo Stove vs Breeo

Solo Stove vs Breeo

Once you start looking around, you may find that the two leading brands of smokeless fire pits are the Solo Stove and Breeo. Are you and a neighbor going head to head over the differences between them? We're here to check out which smokeless fire pit comes out the king in this backyard battle.

Adding a smokeless fire pit to your backyard is already a great choice over a rustic fire pit that makes a mess, but picking the best brand for your needs might leave you stuck in a rut. Below, we'll break down which of our favorites are in the Solo Stove vs. Breeo debate.

Are They Actually Smokeless?

The concept of a smokeless fire pit is huge in the Solo Stove vs. Breeo debate. While smokeless fire pits come in different designs, they all claim to do the same thing: provide a fantastic smokeless experience that cuts down on the incomplete combustion process that creates smoke. Smokeless fire pits achieve that by having a double wall and air vents that allow circulation to create secondary combustion, burning off that excess smoke inside the pit. 

Depending on the wood type, good-quality smokeless fire pits like Solo Stove and Breeo brands eliminate about 95% of the smoke that you might experience around a regular fire. This means no more shuffling around the fire to make sure the wind isn't blowing smoke into your face. 

Solo Stove Fire Pits

The stainless steel design of Solo Stove Fire Pits lives up to expectations. With the smallest versions, Ranger and Bonfire, being so lightweight and portable, you'll want to take them on camping trips. The carrying case and thin, stainless steel construction make these big contenders for standing against the elements. This doesn't mean they aren't a great option for backyards though, and that makes the versatility of the Solo Stove Fire Pits as wide as the great outdoors.

The Solo Stove fire pits rely on a double-wall and vent system to produce a secondary burn. When a fire gets lit in the chamber, a vacuum is created at the bottom of the pit, pulling oxygen up through the vents and creating a secondary burn that eliminates most of the smoke.

Solo Stove Ranger

The Solo Stove Ranger is our go-to for compact-size camping. With a height of 12.5", a diameter of 15", and a weight of only 15 lbs, the Ranger won't bog you down on long trips. Not to mention, Solo Stoves help embrace the golden rule of 'leave no trace' at campsites. Using a stand with your Solo Stove Ranger means that your smokeless fire pit doesn't leave a mark on the environment like digging out a rustic fire pit would. The chunk wood burns to a fine ash, making cleaning up a breeze even in remote places with limited tools on hand.

Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0

Mancave Backyard's best-selling smokeless fire pit is the Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0, and for good reason. Bonfire is big enough to stay put as a centerpiece of a backyard, but at 23.3 lbs, 19.5 in diameter, and 14 in height, it's still lightweight and portable.

Dry kindling will mean the Bonfire heats up nicely, and the Bonfire handles wood split sizes up to 16". Solo Stove smokeless fire pits are well insulated on the bottom with the stand despite the high temperatures, meaning that your deck will stay safe from warping.

The Solo Stove Yukon

Want a massive flame? Take a look at the Yukon. The ultimate smokeless fire pit, the Yukon is for large gatherings. At 38 lbs, it's a centerpiece of backyards and is great for chilling around the fire late into the evening.

The large diameter of 27" and height of 17" means the Yukon can put off large flames and handle wood splits from just about any hardware store. The high-quality stainless steel will prevent warping. The Yukon is not stingy with wood, but the flame is impressive and it looks gorgeous as a centerpiece.

Breeo Fire Pits

Like the Solo Stove, Breeo Fire Pits focus on a secondary burn or secondary combustion function. With the double wall and air vents located at the top and bottom. When a fire is lit, oxygen is pulled up through the vents and fuels the fire from top and bottom. Breeo offers a variety of sizes, but depending on the size, they can be quite challenging to set up. 

Since Breeo fire pits are meant to be used on a patio or backyard and not be moved, they can be very heavy. Once your Breeo is in place, there isn't really any need to move it around again. Though, it does become a heavy problem if you re-decorate, rearrange furniture, or move houses.

Owners of Breeo smokeless fire pits claim they do tend to radiate more heat than rustic fire pits. You'll need to feed the fire more frequently as well, as smokeless fire pits burn more efficiently due to their design.

Breeo X Series

The Breeo X Series comes in three sizes, and has smokeless technology developed by Breeo that includes the second combustion. The X series has a choice of corten steel or stainless steel, and the materials withstand the elements, though purchasing a rain cover will help your Breeo smokeless fire pit last longer. The patina on the corten steel does become a rust color that will rub off on clothing and hands so if you're planning on moving your smokeless fire pit more often, go for a stainless steel option. The X series gives a more rustic look even with the stainless steel.

Breeo Luxeve

The Breeo Luxeve are sold with a fire pit glass to surround the pit, rather than a sear plate. The Luxeve features powder-coated stainless steel, and comes in different colors, as well as a more traditional-looking bronze and silver. These are heavy though, much like the X series, and not meant for travel or moving. This type of fire pit is built for entertaining, but if you anticipate having to move this beast of a fire pit, perhaps look into a smaller model or a Solo Stove.

Camping? On the Move Often? Solo Stove is for you.

The Solo Stove's lightweight models are a perfect choice for travelers. While Breeo's models might be good for a permanent fixture in the backyard, mowing and lawn keeping around them can be a pain if you need to move them.

If you anticipate extreme weather, Solo Stoves can be taken inside with their cover to be stored in the garage. In the debate of Solo Stove vs. Breeo, if you need to save space and take your smokeless fire pits with you, go for a Solo Stove.