How to Buy BBQ Accessories | BBQ Accessories Buying Guide

How to Buy BBQ Accessories | BBQ Accessories Buying Guide - Mancave Backyard

As they say, “Accessories make everything better.” Yup, even BBQ! This guide discusses different BBQ accessories, including what they are and which ones make the most sense based on the type of BBQ grill you like to use.

We’re talking gas, charcoal, pellet, and everything in between. If you’ve ever wondered what types of accessories are out there for Qing, we’ve got you covered.

What are BBQ Accessories?

BBQ accessories come in many different shapes, forms, price points, and purposes. There are accessories for beginner, intermediate, and expert grillmasters. Some are all about adding extra flavor to foods, while others introduce entirely new cooking methods. Basically, if there’s something you want to do on the grill, there’s probably an accessory that will help you do it. Accessories are all about helping you make the best BBQ you can possibly make.


There are many benefits to the many BBQ accessories out there.

They Offer Cooking Versatility

BBQ accessories can open you up to a whole new world of exciting cooking methods without having to spend a bunch of extra money on a new grill. Many accessories are universal and fit on almost all grills. This means you can build out your grill over time instead of worrying about making a large investment upfront.

They Make Grilling Even More Fun

What’s more fun than opening and playing with a new toy? As an adult, it’s probably not a great look to break out the Batman action figures anymore. But, playing with a new grill accessory is socially acceptable. New accessories can open up new worlds of possibilities and new ideas to try.

They Help You Level Up Your Grill Game

Just think of all the new techniques you’ll get to show off next time friends or family come over for a cookout. Perfect sear marks, applewood smoke flavors, a pizza they’ll think you bought from a professional pizzeria–get ready to become the go-to spot for BBQ.

They Protect Your Favorite Piece of Cooking Equipment

Of course, not all accessories are about making food better. Some accessories help you clean and maintain your grill to ensure it stays working strong for a long time. An investment like a BBQ grill is worth putting some extra bling on, especially if that bling helps you continue producing top-notch grub.


Those are just some of the benefits. With all the BBQ grill accessory options out there, it’s hard to know what best suits you, your grill, and your style. But don’t fret. That’s where this handy, dandy guide comes in.

BBQ Accessories By Grill Type

No matter what type of grill you have, there are some essential tools you’ll want to consider first. These are your spatulas, tongs, BBQ forks, grill brushes, and thermometers. These should be the no-brainer bundle of tools you purchase on your grillmaster journey. You’ll use them every time you cook, and with a thermometer, you’ll ensure that your food is always at the right temperature for maximum enjoyment.


Other accessories, you can cater to your actual BBQ grill type.

Gas Grill Accessories

Gas grills are one of the most popular grills out there. They apply consistent heat, require less time to start up, and offer dependable results every single time. Some come with built-in accessories like rotisseries or smokers, but even if yours didn’t, you could still find one for just about any gas grill you like.


Top gas grill accessories include:

  • Rotisseries - for roasting large cuts of meat, turkeys, or chickens
  • Infrared cooking tools - to ensure that your food is juicy and done to perfection
  • Smoker boxes - to help you add a smoky layer of flavor to anything you desire
  • Pizza stones - to produce great-tasting pizzas with a perfect crust
  • Charcoal trays - sometimes, adding a bit of charcoal flavor is the perfect complement

Charcoal Grill Accessories

Of course, gas grills aren’t for everyone. If you like your Qing done with good old-fashioned charcoal briquettes, then there are still plenty of accessories meant just for you. For the most part, charcoal grill-specific accessories are all about helping you light your grill evenly and quicker and produce heat consistently across your grill’s surface.


Top charcoal grill accessories include:

  • Charcoal chimneys - a must-have for any charcoal griller to ensure your charcoal lasts longer and burns evenly


  • Electric starters - make lighting your coals easier
  • Ash collectors and vacuums - to make clean up easier
  • Wood chip holder - add smoky flavors to your grill without making a big mess or starting a fire


Of course, not all charcoal grill accessories are utility-focused. You can still get the items mentioned above for gas grills, too.

Pellet Grill Accessories

Hardwood pellets are compact pieces of hardwood sawdust made into tiny pieces of pellets to fuel your grill. Pellets are safe and chemical-free and are the go-to for many grill lovers.


Top pellet grill accessories include:

  • Pellet grill containers - keep your pellets clean and free of moisture
  • Different flavors - different wood pellets offer multiple options for adding flavors to food
  • Pellet sensors - inevitably, as parts of your grill might not work well anymore, you can find replacement parts for your pellet grill


Pellet grills offer a different form of fuel, but you can also find the more fun accessories mentioned above as well.

Kamado Grill Accessories

Kamado grills are Japanese-style grills with thick, insulated ceramic walls, making grilling and smoking easy and fuel-efficient. You’ve likely seen grills like these if you’ve ever considered a Big Green Egg.


Top Kamado grill accessories include:

  • Heat deflectors - these are great tools to help you cook low and slow on a Kamado
  • Extended and split-tier racks - take advantage of the vertical space with extra racks
  • Hanging skewers - make perfect kabobs that hang from the roof of the grill


Kamado grills don’t typically offer as much grill rack space as other types of grills, but in return, you can smoke your foods faster and with less fuel. Many swear by these grills.

BBQ Smoker Accessories

Smoking food might be as old as humanity itself. BBQ smokers come in various shapes and sizes and offer unique flavors that are hard to replicate with other grilling methods.


Top BBQ smoker accessories include:

  • Injectors and marinators - smoking food is a dry process, and these tools help inject flavor into your foods
  • Spices - add flavor before, during, and after smoking your foods
  • Drip pans - these prevent flare-ups and bitter burnt edges around your food
  • Basting brushes and spray - help you keep your food moist and add flavor throughout the smoking process
  • Wireless thermometers - when smoking, it’s essential to keep your temperatures right and consistent throughout the process, and these help you track where your heat is at all times
  • Wood chips and chunks - try smoking with different woods to introduce new flavors and find great combinations of smoke

Pizza Oven Accessories

Who doesn’t love the look, crispiness, and flavor of a pizza fresh out of the pizza oven? They’re infinitely better than cooking pizza in an oven, and once you start making them this way at home, you’ll never want to order out for pizza again.


Top pizza oven accessories include:

  • Pizza peels - help you move around the pie with ease
  • Pizza stones - help toast the crust to ensure a crispy edge
  • Cutters and spatulas - to help you serve up everyone’s new favorite pizza

BBQ Cleaning & Maintenance Accessories

Once the cooking is done, and the meal is settled, someone has to go out and clean the darn grill. The chances are that someone is you. To make cleaning and maintaining your grill as easy as possible, consider grabbing these essential accessories:

Grease Collectors

No one wants to deal with a greasy mess all over their deck or patio. Even worse, grease can catch fire and bring about the most unwelcomed barbecue of all time.

Grill Brushes

All that cooking residue isn’t going to remove itself, and do you really want tidbits of last month’s feast mucking up the meat you paid good money for? Use grill brushes to keep your grill clean and working at max capacity.

Grill Covers

Covering up your grill helps keep bugs, weather, and anything else from the outside world on the outside. The last thing you want is a rusty, worn-out grill that needs to be replaced far quicker than it should be.

Grill Sprays

There are many grill sprays on the market, and you need to choose the one that’s best for you. We suggest a food-safe all-natural spray but to each their own. When the brush alone won’t do the job, grab a spray or make your own with some empty bottles.

Grill Replacement Parts

When the toilet clogs up, you don’t throw out the whole house. The same can be said when something breaks down on your grill. Most manufacturers offer replacement parts so that your investment lasts as long as possible. Sure, you could cook with that one burner instead of the four you paid for, but why do that to yourself?

Quality and Materials Matter

Just like your BBQ grill, accessories are an investment. Some tools, like your forks, spatulas, and trays, you’ll need to replace often from general wear and tear. But others could and should last you for multiple grilling seasons. Be sure to invest smartly in top-quality products. Also, you’ll want to read your grill’s manual and care-handling instructions before investing in some products. Certain grill types react poorly to metal grill brushes or harsh chemicals. If you live in a windy area, your grill cover may get blown around a lot, so you might want to invest in a heavier, more durable cover.


These are just several factors to consider when choosing your BBQ accessories. At the end of the day, it’s up to you and how much you’re willing to spend to become the type of grillmaster you want.


BBQ grilling should be a fun and safe experience. Taking a few moments to browse and collect BBQ grill accessories can ensure both. Take a look at our online shop, or contact us at (866) 899-0745. If you’re unsure which accessories you need, we can help. You can also learn more about BBQing essentials on our blog.


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