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Cal Flame Convection 4-Burner

Convection 4-Burner

$3,901.00 USD$3,251.00 USD
DESCRIPTION: The Cal Flame 4-Burner Convection Grill offers exclusive convection technology on a roomy 4-burner grill. Solid 304-stainless steel burners emit 75,000 BTU and have a one year warranty. The...
Cal Flame Convection 5-Burner

Convection 5-Burner

$4,643.00 USD$3,869.00 USD
DESCRIPTION: An industry-first, the 5-Burner Convection Grill constructed of 304 stainless steel features five (5) cast stainless steel burners and a powerful centrifugal fan that uniformly circulates heat 95,000-BTUs throughout...
Top Gun 5-Burner Convection Grill - Mancave Backyard

Top Gun 5-Burner Convection Grill

$6,120.00 USD$5,100.00 USD
DESCRIPTION: The innovative Top Gun™ 5 Burner Convection Grill has been designed to fit any Cal Flame barbecue cart or island! Constructed of 304 stainless steel It features five cast...
Shop Convection Grills now. Convection cooking uses high velocity fans to distribute hot air throughout the entire cavity of the grill when the grill hood is shut.