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Coverstore Chiminea Cover 24DIAMETER x 40H / Ripstop Tan Chiminea Cover - Ultima

Chiminea Cover - Ultima

From $67.99 USD
Our Top –Rated Material As our top –rated material, Covermates Ultima covers will survive through just about any weather condition. Ultima covers are designed to protect through moderate to high...
Coverstore Chiminea Cover 24DIAMETER x 40H / Khaki Chiminea Cover - Elite

Chiminea Cover - Elite

From $42.99 USD
Our Best-Selling Material Our best-selling material, Covermates Elite covers are ideal for climates with low to moderate humidity and sunlight and moderate to high wind gusts, rainfall, and snowfall. Elite...
Coverstore Chiminea Cover 24DIAMETER x 40H / Black Chiminea Cover - Classic

Chiminea Cover - Classic

From $34.99 USD
Our Entry-Level Material Cost-efficient while still durable, Covermates Classic covers are designed for climates with low to moderate humidity, sunlight and wind gusts and moderate to high rain and snowfall....

Chiminea Covers

Chimineas originated in Mexico, and have been used for outdoor heating and cooking for centuries, they are usually made of clay. Chimineas are decorative, portable, outdoor fireplaces, used for heating and cooking. Chimineas are better for small spaces, fire pits are better for larger spaces. Chimineas are narrower, they take up less room, and because they only radiate heat from their opening, they heat a small area very intensely. Protect your chiminea with one of our quality chiminea covers.