Keeping Kids Safe Around the Fire Pit

Keeping Kids Safe Around the Fire Pit - Mancave Backyard

Fire pits are known to add value to a home by offering an intimate entertainment area and extending the space. As a family, a fire pit can offer additional value, creating a cozy atmosphere and setting the scene for unforgettable memories.

While a fire pit can make the days last longer, it’s important to incorporate best safety practices. When left unattended, fire can present a danger to your children. 

To make the most out of the relaxing moments around the fire as a family, it’s important to take precautions and keep your little ones safe.

Keeping Kids Safe Around the Fire Pit

Tips to Keep Kids Safe Around the Fire Pit

Fire pits are the focal point of an entertainment area, made even more enjoyable by taking proper safety measures.

Proper Placement

Did you know that fires can travel up to 14 miles per hour in grasslands? While the environment of your backyard may not be the dry savanna, fire can still spread and present danger.

One of the most effective ways to prevent danger is to create a safe environment in the backyard. There are a few key tips to consider when installing your fire pit. 

  • Ensure that the fire pit is positioned at least 10-feet from a building. For optimal safety, make sure that the fire pit is roughly 25-feet away from any structure
  • The fire pit should be clear of any trees, especially overhanging trees
  • Don’t install the fire pit underneath a porch

 Flames can jump from one spot to another in the blink of an eye. Although fire pits are designed to contain the flame, it’s important to take extra precautions. Especially when you have little ones in the vicinity.

Education is Key

Parents quickly learn to develop eyes at the back of their heads. Children move quickly and independently, and it’s important to educate them on the dangers of fire. Rather than instill fear in your child, education can teach respect for the natural element.

Kids are never too young to learn about fire safety. Depending on the age of your child, you may want to adopt various techniques. Here are some suggestions to balance your child’s curiosity with fire safety practices.

  •  Teach your child to stop, drop and roll in the event that their clothes catch fire
  • Sing a song with instructions on how to handle fire to a catchy tune
  • Set parameters regarding how close the child can go to the fire
  • Teach your child how to check for heat
  • Gamify the learning experience with rewards, color-coding, and actions

Taking the time to educate your child on fire hazards empowers them to protect themselves from potential harm. Don’t forget to include the potential danger of a fire pit that is still hot despite the lack of flames.

Keep Activities at a Safe Distance

Although the fire pit is usually the focal point of entertainment, there are often fringe activities happening at the same time. Roasting marshmallows over the glowing embers under adult supervision is lots of fun, but it’s wise to keep other activities at a safe distance.

 It’s a good idea to involve your children in setting up the fire pit. Doing so will give them insight into safe distances and how to respect the space.

Be Prepared for Worst-Case Scenario

Just as you’d have lighters, matches, and fuel ready to get your fire going, it’s important to also have the necessary items to put a fire out. In the event that you need to put the fire out quickly and effectively, there are a few items to keep handy.

 For example;

  •  Large container of water
  • Fire extinguisher within arm’s reach
  • First aid kit with burn shield and ice packs

 Hopefully, you’ll never have to use any of these items, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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