5 Summer Benefits of a Fire Pit for Your Backyard.

5 Summer Benefits of a Fire Pit for Your Backyard. - Mancave Backyard

The summer months set the scene for social gatherings and creating unforgettable memories. At Mancave Backyard, we believe that the heart of these cherished moments is a safe and sturdy fire pit.

Imagine watching the sunset with a beer in hand, huddled around the fire pit as you laugh with your best friends and prepare a delicious meal. Or enjoying a lazy Sunday evening with the kids playing in the garden while you relax by the flames.

There is a selection of fire pits on the market, each offering a unique aesthetic and inviting environment. Regardless of whether you choose a wood or gas fire pit, or a stainless steel solo stove, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits this summer.

 5 Summer Benefits of a Fire Pit for Your Backyard

1.  Create a Balmy, Social Atmosphere

The warmer temperature of summer months encourages long evenings spent outdoors, underneath the stars. As a result, many people choose to install bold, fluorescent lighting in the outdoor space to help the social happenings last longer. Unfortunately, bold lighting can cut through the magical atmosphere.

Avoid the fuss of power outages, long extension cords, and sharp light with a fire pit.  Adding a fire pit to the outdoor space is a great way to add light while encouraging a social mood. Solo stoves, in particular, further encourage conversation by not emitting smoke which can add to the discomfort.

Embrace the intimate ambiance that is produced by the soft glow of the fire, adding literal and figurative warmth to the outdoor space.

2.  Explore New Meals and Smoky Flavors

Fire pits are an effective cooking tool, adding a unique flavor to various dishes. Cooking over an open flame also taps into our primal instincts and can create a grounding experience.

There is a wide selection of different dishes to choose from. While some may push their limits and choose to slow roast meat, others may opt for a simple marshmallow and a stick. Add to the exciting culinary experience with a few dips and side dishes prepared indoors.

Cooking with a fire pit is also a great way to encourage participation from guests and even your children. Bonding over meal prep and a fire pit will undoubtedly add to some of your favorite pastimes.

3.  Build an Inviting Entertainment Area

Fire pits offer a fun and unique way to extend your home and create a relaxing space to entertain guests and socialize. By serving as the focal point of an outdoor seating area, a fire pit can transform your patio into a social hub.

Simply watching the flame lick the air can be a source of entertainment, not to mention the inspiration that it adds to the conversation.

Add to the entertainment area by setting up an outdoor sofa, built-in benching with cushions, and space for camping chairs. Depending on how much space you have in your outdoor area, you can choose from a selection of different fire pits available in different sizes.

4.  Generate a Space of Relaxation

Fire is an integral part of human evolution. The flicker of the flame, the crackling of the wood, and the warmth that it offers resonates with humans on several levels.

Modern studies suggest that domestic fires, such as campfires, provide a social nexus and relaxation that can enhance prosocial behavior. Adding a fire pit to your home can offer the same benefits by creating a space to relax.

The multisensory, absorptive, and social experience enhances relaxation and has a positive overall effect. This mood of relaxation can be enjoyed on your own, as a couple, with a group of friends, or with the whole family.

5.  Deter Bugs

There aren’t many cons to summer, but bugs are definitely one of them. Nothing quite ruins a relaxing evening outside than pesky mosquitoes and flies. While citronella candles offer value, their ability to deter bugs is nothing compared to a fire pit.

Most insects avoid smoke at all costs. As a result, fire pits are an effective pest control solution. The warmth and flame of a solo stove can perform a similar role to keep bugs at bay.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Fire Pit Today

As a family business, we cherish family and community and understand the role that an entertainment space plays in creating memories. Our fire pits and solo stoves are the perfect addition to your backyard to enjoy a bit of paradise in your own home.

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