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Outdoor Protective Covers

After creating that backyard of your dreams that makes spending long evenings out there worth every penny, you might realize there are a few things that can threaten your tranquility. Wildlife, tree sap, bugs, and extreme weather are just a few of the environmental hazards that could cut the life of your fire pit or grill short.

Unfortunately, the buildup of debris that accumulates during fall and winter could considerably shorten the lifespan of the products you worked so hard to buy, which makes the outdoor protective covers here at Mancave Backyard a must. We've got fire pit covers, grill covers, and outdoor furniture covers made of premium materials to protect your backyard investments from harm.

Smoker Covers

Whether you've got a Traeger Smoker or a square smoker, covering them up will make sure you can use them when the weather gets nice again. Protect your smoker with our classic covers, and if you live in a place where the weather is a bit more extreme, consider investing in our Prestige Trager Smoker Covers. Having an outdoor protective cover to protect your beloved smoker from the rain, snow, and humidity will make sure you can use it when you need it.

Fire Pit Covers

Cut down on your set-up time for those popular bonfires by using our fire pit and chair set covers. Whether you already have one of our stainless steel fire pits or are looking to buy one for next year, setting up your fire pit with a cover will make sure you're ready to go. This cover set will ensure that you can start your fire and enjoy a great evening without needing to wipe leaves, dirt, and dead bugs off your chairs. You won't need to layer seats in towels to dry them off, either. 

Why wait to pick one of our fire pit covers up? Our Elite outdoor protective covers are lightweight but made of a premium material that protects against wind, rainfall, and snow.

Grill Covers

If you've got a grill, our outdoor grill covers are a solid investment. With options for built-in brick grills and charcoal grills, we cover brands for over 800 models, including Weber, Char-Broil, Jenn Air, and more. Enjoy your outdoor grill for longer when you use a grill cover, keeping sticky tree sap and wildlife away from it.

Outdoor Furniture Covers

Covering up your backyard for the season doesn't mean it has to look ugly. Our high-quality furniture covers come in several colors that protect canopy swings, deck boxes, chairs, and tables. Once you've chosen your color, you can rest assured our covers will keep your outdoor furniture looking fantastic even after harsh weather.

Protect Your Mancave Backyard Today!

With harsh weather conditions swinging from snowstorms to rainstorms through all the seasons, don't hesitate to protect your outdoor furniture and appliances. Make sure that when you're ready to build long-lasting memories outside under the stars, your possessions are well-protected and ready to be used when you need them.

Outdoor Protective Covers