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Platinum Smart-Heat - 500 Series Patio Heater - Mancave Backyard

Platinum Smart-Heat - 500 Series Patio Heater

$2,395.00 USD$2,132.00 USD
• Unrivaled wind resistance - withstands wind speeds of up to 11mph • Elegant design with a tinted glass-ceramic screen that emits a comforting red glow • Environmentally friendly with...
Platinum Smart-Heat - 300 Series Patio Heater - Mancave Backyard

Platinum Smart-Heat - 300 Series Patio Heater

$1,999.00 USD$1,893.00 USD
• Superior wind resistance for optimal performance in any weather • Versatile design allows for wall or ceiling mounting • Tinted glass-ceramic screen emits a soft red glow for a...

Outdoor Heaters

Bromic Heaters - Portal, Wall Mounted , and Ceiling Mounted Residential and Commercial Heaters

When cold weather moves in, most people rush inside, but not you. With how carefully curated your patio is, why not make it accessible all year round with style? You shouldn't have to abandon your outdoor spaces just because it gets cold, and Mancave Backyard's heating units come in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

Bromic Heating

Our Bromic Heating products are top-of-the-line smart heaters. Whether you'd like an easy-to-move portable heater with a powerful punch or a sleek-looking infrared electric heater, Mancave Backyard's outdoor heaters blend sleek aesthetics and functionality. Why should your patio be limited to only half of the year? Whether you'd like a warm place to relax during cool fall days or you're hosting holiday parties that need your deck, consider the smart heating of Bromic Heating products.

How Do Outdoor Heaters Work?

Bromic outdoor heaters rely on fuel or electricity to keep your outdoor space toasty. If where you live is really chilly, you can use an outdoor heater to warm up and pair it with an outdoor fire pit. While our Tungsten Smart-heat Portable Heater is portable, many of our models are meant to stay in place to warm a patio or deck.

Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric provides efficient radiant heat to warm your guests. Equipped with a spectral reflector, they disperse heat over the area to keep it warm. The larger the outdoor space, the more heat you'll need, and with models ranging from 2000w to 6000w, Bromic heating products make that achievable. Infrared heat has warm waves that feel immediate and satisfying, keeping you warm even if the snow is falling.

Commercial Heating

Businesses that need to heat outdoor spaces should find Bromic heating products to be top-of-the-line. Available in four models of varying heating power, hooking up your outdoor heaters to smart control systems is easy.  Improve your business with well-heated outdoor patios and spaces to serve your customers.

Smart Heating

Electric patio heaters are popular nowadays to expand your living space all year round. The Tungsten Smart-Heat Element Heater offers cutting-edge design as well. All of our Bromic Heating products are ISO9001 certified and have been since 2007. Hotels, resorts, and restaurants rely on Bromic to make their outdoor spaces accessible in all weather conditions, allowing guests to enjoy their vacations whether it's cold, raining, or snowing.

With different wattages and sizes available, our patio heaters can be installed in large or small outdoor spaces. Radiant heat will fill the space and make it pleasant and enjoyable. Make it so that your patio is accessible year-round with Bromic heating products. We also offer outdoor heater accessories like covers and replacement parts.

Don't wait until warm weather to enjoy your outdoor paradise, but embrace the cozy feelings all year round. You'll enjoy the lasting memories of relaxing on the porch with a cup of coffee as the snow falls, all the while enjoying the radiant warmth from our quality outdoor heaters!