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5280 Culinary Condiments & Sauces High Altitude BBQ Sauce

High Altitude BBQ Sauce

DESCRIPTION: Welcome to our High Altitude BBQ Sauce.  We do things differently around here, so we created a BBQ sauce that was different.  Better. Defining. Colorado style BBQ to us...
5280 Culinary Condiments & Sauces Fire Honey – 12oz

Fire Honey – 12oz

DESCRIPTION: This Fire Honey is a great combination of Clark’s Colorado Honey and our Fire Salt.  Creating a mouth watering, life changing experience.  It goes good on everything!! Great For:...
5280 Culinary Seasonings & Spices Tiki Tiki – 8oz

Tiki Tiki – 8oz

DESCRIPTION: This Hawaiian style rub has a fun island flavor.  Hints of sugar, roasted garlic, chilis and more. It’s an island taste with a little heat from the volcano Great...
5280 Culinary Seasonings & Spices Thai Mojito- 9 oz

Thai Mojito- 9 oz

DESCRIPTION: How about a rub that is salt free and still delivers an exceptional flavor? This rub is our blend of Sweet Chili Sauce meets Mint Mojito, without the salt. Well, or the alcohol. Great For: Vegetables,...
5280 Culinary Seasonings & Spices Rub-a-Dub – 8oz

Rub-a-Dub – 8oz

DESCRIPTION: This rub is the “One Stop Shop” perfect on beef, great on chicken, wonderful in eggs and excellent on veggies or potatoes. Great For: • Beef • Pork • Vegetables • Recipes • All...
5280 Culinary Seasonings & Spices Oink – 7 oz

Oink – 7 oz

DESCRIPTION: Maple, Bacon and Brown sugar profile make this rub a great selection for the grill or smoker.  Designed to bring out those natural flavors of grilling. Great For: Pork Chicken Fish or Seafood BBQ...
5280 Culinary Seasonings & Spices Italian Brine – 16 oz

Italian Brine – 16 oz

DESCRIPTION: RECIPE: Italian Brine – 16 oz - Bring two quarts of water to a boil and stir in seasoning blend. Reduce heat and simmer stirring to dissolve seasonings and...
5280 Culinary Seasonings & Spices Island Boys Coffee – 7 oz

Island Boys Coffee – 7 oz

DESCRIPTION: Island Style Rub with the amazing undertones of Coffee, Vegetables and Sugar.Great For:• Beef• Chicken• Pork• Fish/Seafood• VegetablesIngredients: Dried vegetable seasoning blend (salt free), Kosher Salt, brown sugar (sugar,...
5280 Culinary Seasonings & Spices Garden – 8 oz

Garden – 8 oz

DESCRIPTION: Bangkok inspired rub that provides a fun flavor with hints of curry and Chinese 5 spice.Great For:• Vegetables• Beef• Pork• Chicken• All Purpose Asian RubIngredients: Garlic, coriander, honey powder...
5280 Culinary Seasonings & Spices Game On Rub – 8 oz

Game On Rub – 8 oz

DESCRIPTION: Looking for a rub that works well on Lamb,Elk, Venison or BigGame? Look no further. This rub is a master of flavor when it comes to Game. The preferred...
5280 Culinary Seasonings & Spices Fishy Fishy- 4 oz

Fishy Fishy- 4 oz

DESCRIPTION: A lightly sweet herb rub with garlic and onion. This rub is great on fish or seafood and also as an ingredient in your everyday cooking.Great For:• Fish• Seafood•...
5280 Culinary Seasonings & Spices Fire Salt – 8 oz

Fire Salt – 8 oz

DESCRIPTION: This rub will add a Heat Factor that is well developed. Try this as a standalone rub or added into one of our other rubs. Rub-A-Dub and Fire Salt...