Shop 5280 Culinary Spices, Rubs, & Sauces to Rock Your BBQ!

Shop 5280 Culinary Spices, Rubs, & Sauces to Rock Your BBQ! - Mancave Backyard

Bring the whole family together for the tasty meal al fresco, right off the grill. Savor your backyard memories even more by shopping for your favorite flavor blends by 5280 Culinary to pair with your new BBQ pit or grill from Mancave Backyard. A purveyor of an extraordinary line of chef-crafted spices, rubs and brines sworn by discriminating at-home cooks and professionals alike.

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 Spices & Rubs

Transform your backyard into the ultimate relaxation space by shopping BBQ grills, sauces, spices, rubs, and more all in one convenient location, and enjoy free shipping on qualifying orders. Find spices and rubs that perfectly accommodate your preferred flavor profiles and heat levels for backyard gatherings, no matter the occasion or recipe.

Draw out the protein-rich juices with any flavorful 5280 Culinary blend and create a crisp outermost layer on the meat of your choice that makes every bite just as mouth-watering as the first.

Bayou Dust

If you prefer a rub that’s more flavor-forward rather than extra spicy, you’ll be able to add this rub to just about any meat you throw on the fire. Add a touch of bayou flavor to any seafood, chicken, beef, or pork dish that can use more than a little something extra. Bayou Dust is a suitable all-purpose Cajun rub if you happen to run low on your favorite Cajun seasoning and want to make every bite of burger count. Delight guests whether you’re an honorary grill master or want to get started with a crowd pleaser that’s sure to make your backyard party a smash hit—even if it’s your first time with tongs.

Tiki Tiki Rub

For all the luau lovers out there, Tiki Tiki Rub packs the perfect Hawaiian-style sweetness that includes distinct flavors: expect hints of roasted garlic, sugary sweetness, and just enough heat for the little ones to enjoy it, too. Pair your sweet and salty meats with themed island drinks for  an unforgettable backyard luau that will make your guest list full each time you’re ready to host another barbecue. Pair with a pineapple marinade to further complement the fruity flavors of the protein of your choice.

Brines & Sauces

 There’s no room for dry meat at any experienced chef’s barbecue, which is why we now offer brines and sauces that will ensure your meat is exceptionally tender and deliciously sweet or salty—or both!

Chefs Brine

With just two quarts of water, you can leverage a seasoning blend that’s both exciting and compatible with just about any palate. Chefs Brine carries notes of brown sugar, salt, garlic that brighten up mild proteins like chicken and deliver the unmatched zest for vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Bayou Brine

Traditional Cajun flavors are always a hit, making Bayou Brine the ideal universal brine for large parties that include a wide variety of protein options. Once the spices in this brine are activated via boiling, you’ll discover a surprisingly subtle and effective method for delivering the best-tasting meals. Pair with your preferred rice dish or aromatic white wine to satisfy cravings for a bold and rich result.

Italian Brine

Home cooks and professionals alike prefer 5280 Culinary’s brines because they deliver results that confirm that these products are a trustworthy insurance policy for juicy seared meats every time the grill is fired up. Show off your Tuscan touch with a spring of rosemary or any other shamelessly photogenic garnish after preparing your meal with the crowd-pleasing Italian Brine. Pair your meat with bell peppers, plump roma tomatoes, or peppery arugula.

High Altitude BBQ Sauce

Fire up the grill without worry and add a layer of hickory smokiness Colorado-style. High Altitude brings tastes of the Wild West among family and friends that combine sweet and traditional BBQ flavors that bring forth memories sitting across from your childhood fire pit. Hickory and other smoky flavors pair well with fruity beverages. For the best results, try cocktails containing hints of cherry, apple, or maple.

Fire Honey

Venture down the road less traveled with a honey that makes unbeatable barbecue. Clover honey, apple cider vinegar, citric acid, and other ingredients make this honey great on anything. Drizzle over chicken, veggies, pastries, and just about anything that could use a sweet kick.

 Make backyard barbecues all the more special with a grill that delivers the savory sizzle you’ve been searching for. Shop chef-created 5280 Culinary sauces, brines, and more via our online store and get all your favorite flavors in one convenient place.